Coram Deo Assembly (CDA) “God’s people before His face”

From Genesis to Revelation; Verse by Verse……

Welcome to the Coram Deo Assembly. We are a body of believers whose goal is to glorify God in our individual walks and in the sharing of His gospel.

Please examine our statement of faith, our vision, and ask the Lord if He has called you to be a part of this New Covenant Church.

Coram Deo means “before the face of God.” Assembly is the Greek word ‘Ekklesia,’ which means a congregation, an assembly,  or those called out.  More simply put, it is God’s people. We truly desire to honor Jesus by our service to Him as “God’s people before His face.

Our worship service is casual yet modest. We are family-integrated in our worship; we desire that our children worship with the adults to learn the ways of our Savior. The biblical pattern is one of families drawing closer together, not separated!

Please come and join this transparent and God-focused assembly for the “sake of the call.”

Want to connect with us or join us for a service?

We Meet Sunday’s at 10:00 AM
8800 Sudley Rd #309
Manassas, VA 20110

Phone: (540) 272-3748