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    Yesterday, in our opening and studying the word of God, a portion of Paul’s statement – tucked at the end of verse 23 – struck me as having a military slant, in its wording. Col 1:21 Once you were alienated and hostile in your minds because of your evil actions. Col 1:22 But now He has […]

    Grace Deaf Missions

    Revamped website

    We have a new website! Thanks Trevor Brents for your help.

    FREE Theology Book!

    I am firmly persuaded that at CDA there is very little activity on the churches website. So, the challenge is this; whoever from the members sends a comment regarding this post will receive a Banner of Truth theology book. Good stuff! So, start typing your comments!

    Pastor means………

    As of 3/9/13 , I have changed all the leadership info from ‘Pastor’ to “Overseer/Elder.” The reason for this change is both from a Biblical, and personal reflection. Biblically; simply put, the word is not found in the original Greek manuscripts. Generally, the words episcope or episkopos are used: “Paul and Timothy, servants of Christ Jesus, To […]