Our Vision

The Vision of Coram Deo Assembly is one of New Covenant believers, living New Covenant lives  (Eph. 4:17-6:24)

1. Feeding and Fishing — (Discipleship/Evangelism) God’s children must be strong in their walk; Spirit led in their worship, and consecrated to God’s will, before the truth of the Gospel can be preached.  Therefore, the elders as CDA must feed God’s sheep the truths of His kingdom, thereby equipping Christ’s children to become fishers of men (Mark1:17)

Feeding God’s sheep so that they are healthy for the work of the ministry.
Fishing for men so that the healthy sheep share the gospel.

2. Difference Makers –the vision here is one of faith and family.  Strong families are difference makers in a weak community.  The pulse of a strong family is one that is biblically sound and structured according to God’s design. By faith, the family must trust God as to what he says in his word and then believe it in their walk according to God’s will. Paul’s letter to the Church at Ephesus teaches the church what a New Covenant Family should looks like (Eph. 5:22-6:4)

3. Simplicity of Ministry — (Missional) the vision here is one that is missionary minded.  Through the offerings at Coram Deo Assembly we will look and function like a missionary on the mission field. For this is what New Covenant believers are called to look like.  We are not about buying land, placing up four walls, and then calling that the church; but one that is structured in the New Covenant in such a way that we focus our finances on planting good seed (Gospel) in good soil (Elect) for the Kingdom of God and His Glory.  Simply put, we are missionaries and Manassas, Virginia is our mission field!  We are people of the Gospel; Kids of the King!


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